Our digital name badges are available in a variety of sizes.

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Upload Text, Images, Barcodes, QRcodes

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Digital Name Badge

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The DG-Tags have caused quite the buzz at our events and people have loved that we are using technology (since we are a technology school).  For the first time ever, guests were interested in keeping the tags as a give-a-way instead of taking the actual give-a-way we were offering home.  With being able to re-image them quickly, we were able to handle walk-ins efficiently and get them in the door faster than ever.  I would recommend these tags for future events!

Ron Goldberg ’99, ’00
Director of Alumni Relations - CIAS

Rochester Institute of Technology

Digital Name Badge  

 $49.99 per tag

Our Customers Love Us......

    Our Name Tag Badges are available in 5 sizes

"Dear DG Tag,
We love your 4" digital signage! We rocked our Dg Tags at Comic-Con 2015. Each day, we downloaded a different image to fit the theme for the day. My daughter loved wearing the tags with her costume. She really enjoyed creating an image and placing it on her Dg Tag with the quick and simple software. It was incredible how much attention our Dg Tags received from other Comic-Con attendees. Looking forward to the many endless uses for our tags!"

Greg Hurst

 e-Tag4 Digital Name Badge

"Dear DgTag,
We are empowering our staff with pride and accountability with DgTag name badges. We have given each staff member a product category that they are responsible for and have added that to the name tags. In doing this, our customers have become more interactive with our staff about our products. Our staff members work harder to learn products they are assigned which has helped to create a pool of product specialists. Our staff members are proud to wear badges and are bragging to other affiliates who do not have DgTag badges."

Daniel Kim

Arms Length Communication

  • 4.2"digital name tag badge (e-tag4)

  • Slim and ​Lightweight

  • No Batteries Required

  • ​Reusable - Change content as often as needed

  • Includes Lanyard, USB cable and Software